REACTIVO / Controller

It is small and most affordable addressable LED pixel controller. REACTIVO suports most LED types and also external trigger inputs for your DIY project, gaming or home cinema installation.

REACTIVO / What I need to know about REACTIVO?

This controller is packed with features:

  • Control up to 1024 RGB or 768 RGBW addressable LEDs
  • 2 independent analog/digital triggers for your sensors
  • Works over Wi-Fi. Simply connect to your home network!
  • REACTIVO comes with user-friendly software, web interface, phone app and library of pre made effects

REACTIVO / Technical specification

Weight46 g
Dimensions77.4 × 40.4 × 20.5 mm
Outputs1 x SPI output for 1024 RGB/768 RGBW LED, 2 x Trigger power supply (3.3V/150 mA)
Inputs2 x Trigger input (buttons, sensors, potentiometers)
WirelessIP address range – any ( – recommended), Wi-Fi – 2,4GHz , 802.11 b/g/n (802.11n up to 150 Mbps)
Supported LED ICSK, TM, WS, APA, SM, LPD, UCS and many more –
Reactivo softwareIncluded
Web interfaceIncluded
Reactivo appIncluded
StorageSD-card – 4GB included (up to 32GB micro SD, FAT32)
Handling1 x Button, 2 x Status LED
Power/Voltage5V DC
IP RatingIP20
Operating Temperature-10 °C to 70 °C
Relative Humidity5 % to 80 %, non-condensing (Operating / Storage)

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REACTIVO / Firmeware update

REACTIVO is our brand new controller, so you can expect several updates in year 20/21, aimed to improve your experience and possibilities.

You can update through a Web interface in Updates section. How? Check this link-> firmware update.

REACTIVO / Wi-Fi Connection Reset

In case you will change your home Wi-Fi, or bring REACTIVO to your friend or office, you will need to connect REACTIVO to different Wi-Fi network. Before that, you need to reset Wi-Fi connection

How to reset a Wi-Fi connection?

  1. Press and hold the Wi-Fi connection button for 3 – 10 seconds until the blue LED starts flashing slowly.
  2. Then release the button. REACTIVO Wi-Fi settings are removed. Now you are able to connect directly to REACTIVO and connect to new Wi-Fi network.
  3. Not sure how to connect? Follow this link -> Wi-Fi connection.

REACTIVO / Factory reset

In case you’ll need to completely wipe out settings,  REACTIVO allows you to do a factory reset. It will return all settings to default values and remove updates.

How to do a factory reset?

  1. Press and hold the Wi-Fi connection button for several seconds until the blue LED starts fast flashing.
  2. Then release the button and turn off and on the REACTIVO lighting controller.


REACTIVO controller has two status LEDs (power – green LED, Wi-fi connection – blue LED), which helps you tell the current status of REACTIVO.

Here is a guide to LED signalization:

  • REACTIVO is in AP mode (access point) – green LED on & blue LED off
  • REACTIVO Wi-Fi modes:
    • Successful Wi-Fi connection – solid blue LED
    • Unsuccessful Wi-Fi connection – fast flashing blue LED
    • Connecting to a Wi-Fi network – slow flashing blue LED
  • REACTIVO reset modes
    • Factory reset – fast flashing blue LED
    • Wi-Fi reset – slow flashing blue LED