Gives you an easy way to control Reactivo and your LED strips

  • Live preview for effects
  • Animation library and Solid Color Effects
  • Direct access to REACTIVO settings

REACTIVO / Where I can find REACTIVO web?

You can simply access every REACTIVO lighting controller web via:

  • REACTIVO app
  • REACTIVO software
  • write the IP address of controller into your web browser – if you don’t know your IP address, please, use one of the first two options.

!Notice Reactivo controller must be on the same network as your computer/mobile device.

REACTIVO web/ Player

The player allows you to create a list of effects and animations that you’d like to play on your LEDs. Usually, you don’t want to use all effects stored on SD-Card, just a few of them.

Each effect can have your own specific settings such as saturation and brightness. You can easily scroll through the animations in playlist or set a loop for some animations.

REACTIVO web/ Animation library

Animation library represents a list of all effects stored on SD-Card. You can use our effects or create your own.

Simply select all effects that you like to add to the playlist.

Effects that you already have in the playlist are marked by a green indicator.

Live preview is a part of the animation library too, same as in player.

REACTIVO web/ Solid Color Effect

The Solid Colors Effect tab represents a list of solid colors that you can apply to your LED strips.

Every REACTIVO lighting controller allows you to use 20 of the most used solid colors.

REACTIVO web/ Settings

In the settings option, you are able to change all settings which have a direct impact on REACTIVO and LED strips.

You can change and set attributes like this:

  • Controller name
  • IC of LED strip that you are using
  • Color order of LED strip
  • Global brightness

One of the most handy functions is the testing option. It will help you set proper color order. This way, you will double check your installation.

REACTIVO web/ Firmware update

We are adding new features and fixing potential bugs regularly, so, it’s good to update from time to time.

Just click on the Check for Update button and everything will run automatically.