REACTIVO – is powerful enough as an LED Art-Net controller?

Many of you already noticed that we built a new LED controller called REACTIVO. But do you know that it is also an ART-NET controller? You can easily use any Art-net software to control REACTIVO via Wi-Fi, which makes the REACTIVO a perfect device for projects where you can’t use wires.

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Is REACTIVO aimed for only small installations?

Not really. As you can see, REACTIVO can control up to 1024 addressable RGB pixels. Pretty large number for such a small controller. Still, we designed REACTIVO with aim on DIY projects – gamers or home users. Therefore you won’t find any DMX support. But it still supports most LED ICs and our development team is implementing new types and adding new features on the regular basis.

Connection and control options

REACTIVO has no RJ-45 connector (or Ethernet connector, as we like to call it). It only has Wi-Fi module that connects REACTIVO to your network. This feature makes it a better device for home and DIY projects. At any kind of large event, you can and most probably will have massive interference from different Wi-Fi devices on set. Yet still, it can be used commercially in TV-studios, specific installations at hotel lobbies, in corporate meeting rooms, etc.

Simply connect REACTIVO to the same network as your computer. You can use our own LSS Software, Madrix, ELM, really any 3rd party Art-Net software. If properly connected, you will see this device in the software instantaneously.

REACTIVO has its own web interface and simple phone app, which gives you full control of the device.

The web interface allows you to change basic settings, like IC type of LEDs, global brightness, etc. You can also use the player for effects stored on SD-Card, browse through the library of animations, set a solid color for your strips, and much more.

REACTIVO app allows you to instantly search your network and open web interface for every connected REACTIVO lighting controller.

Only one SPI LED output. Why?

It is because REACTIVO is trying to be as simple as possible. Many of our clients don’t need more than one output for their installation and projects. The second reason is the way how you implement addressable LEDs. Usually, the digital signal only flows in one direction. For this type of installation, there is no need to implement more SPI outputs. It will only increase the final cost of the project. In case that you seek more outputs for your project, we are highly recommending our SPI Matrix or LED Ethernet Controller 3 controllers.

But why we call it REACTIVO?

It is a quite simple. We developed software which grabs your screen and sends the colors to your strips. Or, to put it in different words – it reacts to image on your PC monitor. The second reason is that we are implementing different analog and digital trigger options, which allow you to use different sensors.


Many DIY and home users are focused primarily on cost. For those with low expectations, controllers for 20 or 40 EURs are good enough. Of course, you can run just several default effects and animations and that’s it. Compare that to the cost of REACTIVO you get:

  • user-friendly software for grabbing and creating custom effects and animations,
  • simple web interface and app for iOS and Android.
  • Plus, you get extra accessories and 3 meters of addressable LED strips.

As a Pro and Art-net user you get a perfect small device that you can easily control with any 3rd party Art-net software (although LED Strip Studio software is our obvious choice).


REACTIVO is a small, but complex LED controller that fits perfectly to projects of up to 1024 addressable RGB pixels. It can be elegantly used in smaller installations, home and DIY projects, and as a wireless solution for those who don’t like or can’t use wires and cables.

For the cost of REACTIVO controller you get – several meters of LED strips, useful accessories and access to REACTIVO and LSS software.

Support from our developers. 

Regular updates and special upgrades for better connectivity (new types of addressable LED strips).

You don’t need to be a total geek or electrician and still can do your DIY or home installation quite easily.

We are adding more tutorials and examples on how to use REACTIVO in your own project.